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galerie 62     Three plush toys (live birds) - Eagle Owl
A few pictures of a young eagle owl (Bubo Bubo) from a quarry where only bikers are likely to disturb them.
Added: 23.5.2019
galerie 61     The Doubrava Valley Nature preserve
Several pictures of the Easter visit to the valley of Doubrava. It is dry and really very little water.
Added: 23.4.2019
galerie 60     White Horse - Fejk's sand pit
Several pictures from the underground through the eyes of a lone visitor
Added: 2.4.2019

galerie 59     Horses celebrations Hradišťko 2017
Several shots from Hradistko (Equus Kinsky) of the same event.
Added: 27.8.2017
galerie 57     Malta 2017
Several holiday shots. It was very nice and I did not want to go back.
Added: 14.8.2017
galerie 56     National Technical Museum in Prague
Several shots from short návštěby NTM in Prague after many many years.
Added: 11.4.2017
galerie 55     Airbus A380 in Prague - Ruzyně
Several images from the airport in Prague - Ruzyně. At the moment Airbus A380 arrived, so I was taking a picture of him.
Added: 9.4.2017

galerie 31     Horses celebrations Hradišťko 2016
Several shots from Hradistko (Equus Kinsky) of the same event. It was terrible heat.
Added: 28.8.2016
galerie 30     Horses for Kapka naděje
Several photos from the charity event. An excellent program with beautiful horses.
Added: 30.7.2016

galerie 36     Hradišťko 2015
Several images from the assembly Friesian horses. They are spirited, photogenic and really cunning.
Added: 26.9.2015
galerie 33     Fireworks 2015
Attempting to capture fireworks in Prague.
Added: 1.1.2015

galerie 38     KZ Mittelbau DORA - Nordhausen
Several shots from a visit to an underground factory assembling V-2 rocket.
Added: 3.8.2014
galerie 32     Airbus A380 in Prague
Korean Air Airbus A380 first came to Prague
Added: 14.3.2014

galerie 45     Veselý kopec
Návštěva skanzenu Veselý Kopec s klubem Aquablues.
Added: 2.11.2013
galerie 35     Fireworks 2013
Some shots from Fireworks
Added: 1.1.2013

galerie 43     Firemen in Austerlitz
Several images from the celebrations at Austerlitz. Voluntary firemen showed Demonstrations throughout history.
Added: 3.6.2012
galerie 44     Stárci - Austerlitz
Efforts to preserve the Moravian tradition
Added: 3.6.2012

galerie 54     Leštinka and Trhová Kamenice
Some shots from quarries Leštinka and Trová Kamenice.
Added: 11.9.2011
galerie 47     Solvay's Quarry
Several shots from a visit to the museum.
Added: 11.8.2011
galerie 46     Svatý Jan pod Skálou
Some shots from sommers trip
Added: 16.7.2011
galerie 42     Ctěnice
Several shots from Ctěnice. Carriage house etc.
Added: 6.7.2011

galerie 50     Letňany
Some shots from airport Letňany.
Added: 10.10.2010
galerie 37     Aquarium in Hradec Králové
Some shots from freshwater Aquarium in Hradec Kralové
Added: 6.7.2010
galerie 39     Celebration 50 years
Friend-Diver Pavel Vácha celebrate 50 years
Added: 10.6.2010
galerie 49     Boats on the Water
A few shots from the boat show on the Vltava.
Added: 13.4.2010

galerie 51     To Zurich
for exploring and information to Zurich
Added: 16.3.2009
galerie 52     Bern
Few shots from taining trip to Swiss
Added: 16.3.2009
galerie 58     Athens 2009
Some shots from trip to Athene.
Added: 9.3.2009

galerie 48     Aerobatic models in Znojmo
Several images from the aeroplanes model show.
Added: 25.8.2007

galerie 53     Zoo Prague
Some shots from testing an Objective
Added: 13.8.2006

galerie 41     Cabo verde Islands
Some shots from vacation on Boavista island
Added: 11.3.2004

galerie 40     Kypr 2002
A few photos from a vacation in Cyprus
Added: 12.10.2002
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